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Whilst furnishing your rentals, you have to be more practical, than choosing your personal preferences. Here are Tracey’s top tips for buying rental furniture:

Tip 1:

Choose things that are really hard wearing. It’s best to go to the suppliers who provide rental furniture. They will provide you with the hard wearing rental furniture that you need. This is because they produce furniture that is meant for the wear and tear. Let’s take beds for example; you would want to go for stronger sturdier beds. Do not opt for those flimsy, frail framed beds that will last five minutes in a rental.

Tip 2: 

Buy rental furniture that has to stand the test of time and use. Go for items that are easy to clean. As rental furniture is brought to be used by many people, it needs a higher level of cleaning and maintenance. If, for example, you are getting a sofa for your rental, get one that has a removable cover so that it can be taken off and give it a spin in the washer when and if needed.  Going for leather or faux leather can also be a good option as they only need a wipe to be maintained and are easy to clean.

Tip 3:

Use your common sense. Don’t put obnoxious or over the top items in your property that may be disliked by people. Go for subtle and neutral looking things, in order to not spark any dislike. Avoiding statement pieces ensures you keep away from preferential likes…or dislikes.  Also, consider space-saving items if your property is smaller. Do not go for big tables and chairs in a really small room, instead go for more compact and foldable tables and chairs.

What you want to do for your customer is to “Build a lifestyle, not just a room or an apartment that you’re furnishing”, as Tracey puts it.