Who are Landlord Smart?

Landlord Smart is a company designed by landlord for landlords. Our mission is to help landlords and property investors to build successful businesses in the most tax efficient way whilst using less of their own cash.

Why is using Landlord Smart Finance a better option than a 0% credit card or other people’s money?

  1. Buying the goods makes your purchase a capital cost – you can only claim back capital costs on your tax return as capital allowances which can take forever to get back just a small percentage of the outlay. Our finance is an expense which can be claimed back as you don’t own the goods during the finance term. At the end the of the finance term you can continue use for up to 24 months after the finance finishes by paying two more monthly payments to Landlord Smart. It is then your responsibility to dispose of the used items when you wish to upgrade.
  2. Business is all about cash flow. Once you have spent the money, how long will it take to get the money back, taking into account that you pay tax on profits in your business? Using Landlord Smart Finance means you keep the cash flow in your business to use on other investment opportunities and 100% of your payments are a legitimate business expense under Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).
  3. Using credit cards will show against your personal lending on your credit file, therefore if you want to scale your business, your personal credit rating will be severely impacted.

Can you help my accountant to understand the finance you provide and what makes it so tax efficient?

fYes, we have a specific document which explains the finance model we use which you can give to your accountant. Email us at enquiries@landlordsmart.co.uk to get a copy.

How did Landlord Smart get going?

Our directors Tracey and Nigel Woods have over 18 years of property experience in their own buy to let, HMO and rent 2 rent portfolio as well as experience of finance projects within the commercial sector in Nigel’s energy saving business. In 2016 Tracey and Nigel decided to start Landlord Smart in response to the government’s removal of the 10% wear and tear allowance, creating a business that makes this specialist finance available to their peers in the property world.

Can Landlord Smart give me financial advice?

Landlord Smart are not regulated to offer financial advice. We are only able to offer recommendations that should always be verified with your own financial advisor/accountant.

Do Landlord Smart provide the furniture and items I need?

Landlord Smart do not provide the furniture or items you need in your projects. You are able to select from a range of supplier products to suit your property target market. Landlord Smart will arrange the finance to pay the supplier for your chosen items. See section “Which suppliers can I use?”

Are Landlord Smart part of any associations?

Landlord Smart are accredited by the NACFB (National Association of Credit and Finance Brokers).

We are also currently part of the DASH Landlord Scheme as a preferred supplier. To find out more, visit the DASH accreditation website.

As Landlord Smart only work with businesses we are not required to be FCA regulated.


What type of rental property can I use Landlord Smart Finance for?

You can use our finance on a range of property project types such as HMO, serviced accommodation, rent 2 rent (see directly below “Can I use Landlord Smart finance for items going into a rent 2 rent property?”) and build to let projects. You are not able to use our finance for items that will be used in a property for short term staging only, or where the property will be sold before the 3-year finance term ends.

Can I use Landlord Smart Finance for Rent2Rent projects?

You can use Landlord Smart Finance for a rent 2 rent project for items that are removable assets like furniture, electricals and white goods. You are not able to use finance in rent 2 rent projects for any fixtures and fittings of the property. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Can I apply for Landlord Smart Finance as a sole trader or individual?

Landlord Smart offers the exact finance you need to be 100% tax efficient on a business to business basis therefore we are unable to offer this service to sole traders or individuals. If you have a Limited Company or LLP that is property related and can be seen to effectively manage your property then this can be used for our finance. The property involved can still be owned in your own name and does not have to be owned by a business.

Can I apply if my company is not related to property?

The finance companies do want to see a business that is related to property, either a Ltd company or LLP.

Do I need any property experience before I can apply?

You don’t need to have experience in property. Landlord Smart Finance was specifically set up to help those landlords with little or no experience. If your company has been trading for less than three years you will be asked to give a personal director’s guarantee to support your application and your loan interest rate may be higher due to an increased risk to the lender. The lender will carry out a check on your credit file as a guarantor to support your finance application.

My company is brand new, can I still use Landlord Smart lease Finance?

Yes, we can offer finance to start-up companies as well as those with several years of trading history. If your company has been trading for less than three years you will be asked to give a personal director’s guarantee to support your application and your loan interest rate may be higher due to an increased risk to the lender. The lender will carry out a check on your credit file as a guarantor to support your lease finance application.

You must have an active company bank account from which the fixed monthly finance charges will be paid.

Do you need authority from all partners/directors in the company to apply?

All directors will be required to provide their details on our application and will be asked to agree to a check on their credit file if guarantees are needed for the lease.

Do I need to be a VAT registered company?

No you don’t have to be, although you would get some benefits of claiming back the VAT on your monthly lease payments if you are. The lease finance only applies to the ‘excluding VAT’ total for the goods. VAT is then added to your monthly lease payments which can only be reclaimed if you have a VAT registered company.

Do I have to own property to get finance from Landlord Smart?

The ideal situation is that you should own at least one property but that does not have to be your own home. If you don’t own any property, we would then look to other directors to see if they own property or you can provide details of a property-owning guarantor for your application if you or no other directors own property as a business or in their own name. We do work with a few financiers who will look at directors who do not own property so please contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of finance I can apply for?

To fully benefit from our service, you will need to spend a minimum of £2,000. There is no limit to the amount you can borrow, however if you are planning on applying for finance on large projects/many projects, please discuss this with us so we can ensure the lender is aware of your situation and can provide you with the right products.

Can I apply for lease finance even if my own credit rating is not great?

Yes you can, however you may be asked to have someone with a higher credit worthiness to support your application as a guarantor – if you have any concerns then this can be discussed with Landlord Smart before your application is submitted.

Can I use the service to furnish overseas properties or buy products from overseas suppliers?

No. This service is for UK properties and suppliers only.


How much will my monthly finance payments be?

There are a couple of things that can alter the finance repayments:
1. Has your company been trading for more than three years?
2. If not, do you as a director acting as a guarantor have a healthy credit rating?

You can use our calculator tool which will illustrate how much you are likely to pay for our finance or we can give you this information as part of the application process.

Do I pay interest on the finance amount?

Yes, you pay interest on the finance as you would with any other loan. You can use our calculator tool which will illustrate how much you are likely to pay for a lease or we can give you this information as part of the application process.

When is VAT payable?

VAT is payable on all your monthly finance payments. VAT is not payable up front.

Can everything I want to finance go on one application?

The finance company will only make one payment per application so if you have suppliers that are delivering items at the same time then these can be on one application. If you wish to finance a range of items that could be required at different times on your project then they would need to be treated as separate finance applications.

Are there any other costs associated with the finance?

Insurance – you are required to have the items on finance insured against loss and damage during the full three year finance term. If you have your own insurance you will be required to provide evidence of this to the finance company. If no evidence is provided, your finance provider will automatically start an insurance policy and charge you a monthly fee for this.
Documentation Fee – A documentation fee is payable direct to the funder as part of your first monthly payment. This fee is applicable on your first monthly direct debit payment and is clearly stated in the funder’s finance offer.
Continued Use Option – You will be contacted around four months before your finance term ends to decide on how you want to proceed and whether you want to continue using the products or replace them and start a new finance application.

What happens if my application is declined?

It will be the lender’s decision based on the company/director credit checks; this information is confidential so will not be passed to Landlord Smart. You will be notified of a Decision in Principle by us within 72 hours of your application being submitted so will know very quickly if your application approved or declined.

Are there any upfront costs for the finance?

Most funders will not require any upfront deposit payment, however some will request three monthly payments upfront, followed by 33 months on the finance monthly term, which is dependant on your credit status.


How long is the finance for?

The finance is for 36 months. There are options to reduce the lease term to 24 months however this does increase the monthly payments applicable.

Is there a minimum amount that can be financed?

Yes, the minimum is £2,000 excluding VAT total spend.

What interest rate do I pay for the finance?

The interest payable on our 3-year finance is calculated on a case by case basis. See an illustrative example in the section “What are the costs?”, question: “How much will the finance cost me on a monthly basis?”

Can I buy from multiple suppliers on one finance application?

Yes, you can if all your suppliers will be paid at the same time. The finance company will only make one payment per finance application so if you have suppliers that are delivering items at the same time then these can be on one application. If you wish to finance a range of items that could be required at different times on your project then they would need to be treated as separate applications with the relevant number of documentation fees applied. To find out more about working with suppliers please see section “Which suppliers can I use?”

If I want to buy furniture and appliances for multiple properties do I need to apply for each one separately?

Standard practice is there will be one application per property address. If you want to use finance for multiple apartments within one building we could combine these onto one application (the delivery of all items must happen at the same time). Please contact us if you wish to discuss you project in detail.

Do Landlord Smart work with one specific finance provider?

Landlord Smart have connections to multiple finance lenders, all of whom offer a range of finance for different types of projects and assets; we work for you to find the lender that will give you the best finance product based on your individual circumstances.

Is there a limit on the amount of finance one company can have?

We look at each customer’s needs individually and will share finance across our many finance partners to ensure we are not reliant upon just one lender to service your requirements. We are happy to discuss your business growth and the level of finance that you are likely to require which will enable us to find the most suitable funders in the market.

Can I have the finance for more than a three year term to reduce my monthly payments?

The maximum finance term is three years as the finance company are assessing the lifetime of the assets they are funding. Realistically they want to know that there is still some value left in the assets at the end of the term. We can reduce the term to two years if required however this will increase your monthly payments and will be offered at the discretion of the lender.

What if I want to cancel my finance before the end date?

If you wish to settle the finance before the final payment is due, a settlement figure will be provided upon request from the funder selected for your finance application.

What happens if I cannot make my monthly repayments?

If the company fails to meet repayments as and when they are due, the finance company may look to the directors’ personal guarantees. This will be at the finance company’s discretion. We would advise that contact should be made as soon as possible with the finance provider if you are unable to meet your monthly payments.

Who owns the items during my finance term?

The title or ownership of the goods remains with the financial lender until the end of the finance term.

Do I need to insure the items during the finance term?

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement that you have adequate contents insurance in place to cover loss, damage (accidental or otherwise), theft etc. of all items purchased using the finance provided. If you cannot provide evidence that you have adequate insurance, the finance lender will activate an insurance policy for you and you will be charged monthly for this.

What happens at the end of the three year finance term?

Landlord Smart will contact you four months before your finance is due to end to discuss ‘continued usage’ options for the items and offer new finance on replacement items if required.


What items can be financed in my rental properties?

Our finance will apply to your furniture (including beds and mattresses), white goods and smaller electrical appliances, TVs, blinds, boilers, kitchens and fire doors as well as technology like smart locks and CCTV systems.

Landlord Smart continue to work with our finance contacts to add more items to this list and are currently working on funding for uPVC windows and broadband installations as well as other items used within the property industry.

To discuss your requirements please contact us and we can advise you on what we are able to finance at the appropriate time. Our aim is to always finance as much as you wish within your monthly budgets.

What cannot be financed?

Generally, we cannot finance any soft furnishings or items that are likely to have a shorter estimated life span than three years, such as pictures, rugs, carpets, curtains, lamps. Some lenders will accept a small amount of soft furnishings as part of a finance application. To discuss your requirements please contact us.

Can labour be financed?

We are unable to finance labour for fitting of items.

Can I buy second-hand items?

We are unable to fund items that are not new at the time of supply.


Do Landlord Smart provide a range of furniture I can choose from?

Landlord Smart are providing you with access to the right type of finance for property professionals. We don’t supply furniture ourselves but give you the choice of selecting from our ever-expanding approved supplier list OR we can look to work with your chosen supplier(s). This means you get the choice of a whole range to suit your market and Landlord Smart Finance pays that chosen supplier directly.

Who are Landlord Smart Approved Suppliers?

Landlord Smart are constantly adding trade suppliers to our approved list who are used to providing quality and service to property professionals. If you want to know who to use for your project please contact us for our latest list.

Can I buy from a supplier that is not approved by Landlord Smart?

It is possible to buy from alternative suppliers however they would need to pass our supplier screening process first to enable this to happen, which may affect your project timescales. 

Certain suppliers prefer upfront payment; for these suppliers, you will be asked to sign a waiver to agree to payment before delivery is made. In the case of smaller local suppliers, they may not have sufficient and satisfactory trading history and would therefore present a risk to the lender.

If you have a preferred supplier you would like to suggest to us, please let us know and we can contact them to explain our service and then screen them.

How many suppliers can I use for one finance application?

You are not restricted to the number of suppliers that you can order from on one application, however every supplier must be paid at the same time by the funders so if your suppliers are providing items at different stages of your project we may have to consider creating more than one finance application so that they get paid as quickly as possible. See section “What are the costs?”, question: “Can everything I want to finance go on one finance application?” for more details.

Can I buy furnishings and appliances I have seen on sites such as Ebay, Amazon or Gumtree?

Currently we are unable to work with suppliers through Ebay, Amazon or Gumtree.

Can I use one of my own companies to supply the items?

We are happy to work with you to get your own company approved as a supplier so that they can then supply goods to the company applying for the finance. Please contact us for a Supplier Approval Application Form.

Can I use one of my own companies to buy the items I need to be financed?

If you have another VAT registered property related business this can be used as the supplier and purchase items from multiple suppliers. As a supplier the company will issue the finance company a VAT Invoice for the total amount, detailing what items have been provided with a cost breakdown.

Can I use an interior design company?

Landlord Smart do currently work with some interior design companies as approved suppliers. We are happy to approve interior design companies which can then be used to provide items which will be financed as part of your project. Please contact us for a Supplier Approval Application Form.


How long does it take for the finance application to be approved?

We aim to get a Decision in Principle to you on your finance within 72 hours of your application being submitted. We recommend a minimum of two weeks in total to allow for processing and documentation time. During the process, you will be asked to respond on several occasions. To meet this timescale, it is imperative that you respond in a timely manner to any communications. You will also need to bear in mind the chosen supplier delivery lead times which could impact your delivery schedule.

Some suppliers will agree to a Post Delivery Finance option where they take payment from you for the goods upfront and once the finance is arranged and pays them, they will then refund your payment in full.

Will the finance show on my personal credit file?

If you are acting as a guarantor for a new company (trading less than three years) you will be required to agree to a personal credit check.

Our finance is not a personal loan but a business loan and therefore will not show on your credit file.

How will I be contacted during the application process?

You will be contacted by Landlord Smart via email and in some instances by our finance provider directly. We will keep you, the finance company and your chosen supplier up-to-date of progress via email and telephone where necessary.

What if I need to change my order after it's been placed and a finance application has been made?

The order can be changed at any time up to the point of your finance contract being issued. The finance company need to know what is being ordered, delivered and funded, all of which is stated on the contract.

Should you wish to change anything after a contract has been issued the funders will need to be re-approached to agree and a new contract will need to be issued, which could impact your project timescales. Changes to your items after delivery has been made by your supplier must be discussed with your supplier directly as this will impact the payment of the finance to them. This cannot happen until all goods have been delivered, and signed for by you.

Who organises delivery of my items? What if I need to reschedule?

You will select a required delivery time when you apply and this will be confirmed by us with the supplier. Your delivery date will be dependent upon the finance contract being signed and returned by you via post. If there are delays with your finance application, delivery may need to be postponed or payment may be required to secure delivery by the supplier.

How soon after the application is agreed does the direct debit start?

Once you have accepted delivery of the assets, the first direct debit will be taken from your bank normally within 7-14 days.

How soon can I reapply if I have previously been declined?

If you are an established company then you can reapply once your next set of accounts is registered with Companies House. If personal guarantees were required then you may reapply once your personal credit score has improved or you have a qualified guarantor to support your application

Is the application process any different if I am a repeat customer?

The application process will remain the same, however as your records will be on the finance company’s system your approval will be slightly quicker.

What happens if any items arrive damaged?

If you receive any damaged items on delivery, you must NOT sign the acceptance certificate from the delivery team and should contact your supplier and Landlord Smart immediately. Your supplier will not get paid by the finance provider until you have confirmed acceptance of the goods. You will be contacted within two days of your delivery date to confirm acceptance.

What happens if my company stops operating?

If your company goes into administration/bankruptcy, the finance company may look to the directors’ personal guarantees. This will be at the finance company’s discretion.


Can I arrange finance for items I’ve already paid for?

Landlord Smart can offer Sale & Lease Back on items already paid for by you on a project. To enable this type of finance to be considered you must be able to provide the invoices received from your suppliers with a matching proof of payment from your business bank account (e.g. bank statement or card statement). The amounts must match. No items paid for in cash or second-hand items can be financed and all invoices must be issued to the business that will make the finance application.

Sale & Lease Back works best for VAT registered businesses because you will have paid VAT on your goods when you purchased them (where applicable), however our finance will be for the exclusive VAT amount only. You will then be paying VAT on the monthly finance payments therefore if you are not VAT registered you will effectively be paying VAT twice. For some of our customers, not having to make the capital outlay is more important and they are happy to bear that increased cost.

What items can be financed on a Sale and Lease Back?

A Sale & Lease Back can finance the same types of items that can be financed on a normal finance contract. See section: “What items can be financed?”, question: “What items can be financed in my rentals?”

How long ago can my project have taken place for me to do Sale & Lease Back?

Most lenders will consider financing items from three to six months old.

What is Post Delivery Finance?

This option is available from some of our suppliers where goods have been purchased from them within the last three months. Once the finance application is in place they will refund your monies already paid for the items. Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.


Do Landlord Smart offer an affiliate scheme for any referrals?

Yes we do. If you really want to earn some serious money then tell everyone about us once you have registered for our SMART Affiliate scheme which will earn you £50 for EVERY successful application, for the lifetime of the customer (£50 for each one of multiple projects). To become a SMART Affiliate, email enquiries@landlordsmart.co.uk.

Will I get anything else from Landlord Smart?

We do give you the opportunity of promoting your own projects that have been financed by us on our Facebook page (which you should LIKE for lots of hints and tips too). We love to share your photos and promote the excellent property projects and will reward you with a £50 discount on your next documentation fee if you allow us to promote your work and provide us with a testimonial to use on our website.